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Label Management Services

Nu Jazz Management provides practical management solutions for companies who desire to have maximum control over their own business, yet the sound input and guidance from a seasoned industry veteran at the forefront of music. Our management services are offered as a practical solution to the common problems -- How can I as a small business grow, without the financial infrasturcture of a major label?

With Nu Jazz Label Management servises you can have a trusted industry veteran provide consultation or manage the day to day activities of your business, and work to ensure that it develops a cohesiveness that will help to solidify growth in the Uninted States and Internationally.

Digital and Social Media Assistance

Nu Jazz Management can undertake a myriad of digital initiatives designed to strengthen your internet presence and let the world know what you are up to musically, and most importantly “when” and “how” they can experience it for themselves.

Whether development of social media campaigns are needed, whether you need your internet presence strengthened and solidified, or you need to launch a website -- Nu Jazz Management you aid you in putting together an effective team to meet and surpass your goals.

Press & Publicity Assistance

Nu Jazz Management can work to locate, secure and supervise a Press team for your publicity to ensure that a clear and coherent press plan is conceived, implemented and vigorously pushed to attain the goals and mandates necessary for the successful promotion of your projects and career. 


Nu Jazz Management can also handle the press mailings for you when necessary, which will diminish your overall costs.

Radio Promotion Assistance

When you have recordings soon to be released and you seek to service them to radio Nu Jazz Management can help you select and supervise your Radio Promotions team. Then Nu Jazz can help to ensure that a clear and coherent radio promotion plan is conceived, implemented and vigorously pushed to attain the goals and mandates necessary for the successful radio promotion of your album.


Digital Marketing Assistance

Whether you want a unique digital strategy for a targeted project, an upcoming artist tour, or as part of a comprehensive plan, Nu Jazz management can hlp you develop a clear and consise plan of action to meet and exceed your goals. Digital marketing is more than just a Twitter feed or Facebook post, and Nu Jazz Management understands that. So whether your goals are immediate or long term, we can help you target your audience and get more visibility that matters.

Special Projects Assistance

Whether you need help in preparing to start the recording process for a new project, assistance with developing audio or video content for promotion or sale, assitance strengthening your sales channels, or engaging your fans -- Nu Jazz Management can help. By undertaking special projects Nu jazz Management can help you free yourself from the mundane tasks of day-to-day business activities, and allow you you to focus your attention on what matters the most -- the music.


Media Development Assistance

In order to be effective as an artist or label you must learn to be the master of your own universe. Effective communication means being able to present your passion and products through various media portals. Nu Jazz Management can aid you in developing and producing all media assets to further your business goals. So whether you need to create or edit video for social media, or create special digital assets for specific social channels, Nu Jazz Management can help.

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