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Arts Organization Consulting

In the last decade Arts Organizations have had to drastically change the way they meet their target audience's needs. Arts organizations from around the world have sought Nu Jazz Management's services to shift their focus.


From Classical to Jazz, Nostalgia to World Music Nu Jazz Management & Consulting can help your organization take command of its future and conceive, develop, and implemented targeted brand marketing  & social media campaigns  kije never before imagined.

Whether you are a newly launched organization seeking to navigate the waters of a fresh start up, or a seasoned organization seeking to connect with today's audience, Nu Jazz can help you translate the unique aspects of your organization's services and connect with your target audience. Whether it's a one time special project or an campaign to rebrand your organization Nu Jazz can help you succeed and steer you past the pitfalls in our media entrenched society.


Nu Jazz Consulting has helped countless arts organizations:


* Create, develop, and implement strategies to strengthen and increase audience growth, earned income, and to retain subscribers while exceeding the organizations initial goals.


* Develop patronage and foster relationships between  potential patrons and arts organizations key staff.


* Develop best practices for the monetization of IP assets


* Work with the Boards of the arts organizations to harness their strengths to achieve goals and exceed goals set forth by the senior executives.


Contact us today to find out how we can help you!

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